Fire Resistant Home Building

Safer Homes for Colorado's Future

2024-05-15Updated: 2024-05-22 Mountain View Builders

At Mountain View Builders, we’re dedicated to building your dreams while prioritizing safety. Based in Cañon City, Colorado, we specialize in luxury custom homes and versatile post-frame buildings throughout Fremont County. With the increasing risk of wildfires in Colorado, it's essential to incorporate fire-resistant construction techniques to protect your investment and ensure your safety.

Recent disasters, such as the Marshall Fire in 2021, highlight the growing wildfire threat in Colorado. Climate change has intensified the frequency and severity of wildfires, making them a year-round danger. Even areas previously considered low-risk are now vulnerable. As experts in luxury custom homes and post-frame buildings, Mountain View Builders is committed to incorporating fire-resistant materials and methods in our projects to safeguard your home.

How Do Homes Catch Fire?

  • Direct Flame Contact
    Homes with flammable exteriors like wood shingles or siding can ignite when in direct contact with wildfire flames.

  • Radiant Heat
    Even if a home isn't directly in a wildfire's path, intense heat can ignite combustible materials on the exterior, such as wood or vinyl siding.

  • Embers
    Wind-carried embers can travel up to a mile and ignite roofs, yards, or other vulnerable areas, often entering homes through vents or open windows.

Fire Rating Classifications

Understanding fire class ratings is crucial for choosing fire-resistant materials:

  • Class A
    Best fire rating, with flame spread ratings between 0-25. Materials include brick, stone, cement board, and rock wool.

  • Class B
    Flame spread ratings between 26-75. Includes slower-burning woods like cedar and spruce.

  • Class C
    Flame spread ratings between 76-200. Includes plywood, fiberboard, and faster-burning woods like birch.

Fire-Resistant Roofing and Siding

  • Metal Sheeting
    Aluminum and steel sidings are highly fire-resistant, with most receiving a Class A rating.

  • Fiber Cement
    Made from a mixture of cement, sand, and wood fibers, this material is a fire-resistant alternative to vinyl siding.

  • Fiberglass-Based Asphalt Shingles
    These are affordable, widely used, and highly fire-resistant, with a Class A rating.

  • Brick and Stone Veneers
    These materials can prevent fire from reaching the home's frame and are used both for roofing and siding, achieving a Class A rating.

Fire-Resistant Decking and Framing

  • Composite Decking
    Safer than traditional wood, composite materials like Ameradeck and Trex have a Class A rating.

  • Fire-Retardant Treated Wood
    Treated wood can be used for framing, providing a Class A fire rating.

Fire-Resistant Windows and Doors

  • Double-Pane Windows
    Offer more protection than single-pane windows, slowing down the heat transfer during a fire.

  • Steel Garage and Entry Doors
    Steel doors provide excellent fire resistance, with garage doors like Wayne-Dalton’s 9000 series offering additional insulation and protection.

  • Fire-Rated Wood Doors
    These doors can provide up to 20 minutes of fire protection while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Additional Fire Safety Measures

  • Shells
    Properly sealing all exterior shells and penetrations minimizes fire and ember induction into your home.

  • Landscaping
    Keep plants well-irrigated and maintain them to prevent the accumulation of dry vegetation.

  • Gutters
    Regularly clean gutters and roofs to prevent ember accumulation. Install non-combustible gutter guards.

  • Soffits and Eaves
    Use non-combustible materials like metal or fiber cement and seal gaps to prevent ember entry.

  • Vents
    Install ember-resistant vent covers and use metal mesh with a maximum opening size of one-eighth inch to cover vents.

At Mountain View Builders, we understand the importance of fire-resistant construction in protecting your home. By integrating these materials and techniques into our luxury custom homes and our post-frame buildings, we ensure that your dream home is not only beautiful but also resilient against the growing wildfire threat in Colorado. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a safer, fire-resistant home.