Will You Build From My Plans?

Typically, yes. As long as you have the legal rights to the plans, we can review them to ensure we're comfortable building the design. Our process involves thoroughly evaluating your plans to ensure they meet our quality standards and comply with local building codes.

Here's how we approach building from your plans:

  • Plan Review & Legal Rights
    We start by reviewing your plans to verify that you have the legal rights to build them. This step ensures compliance with copyright laws and gives us a clear understanding of your design vision.

  • Plan Assessment & Feasibility
    Our team will assess the plans to ensure they're structurally sound and can be executed safely and efficiently. We'll also verify that the plans comply with local building codes and zoning regulations.

  • Structural Engineering Review
    If your plans include structural engineering details, we'll review them to ensure the design is suitable for your site conditions. If structural engineering isn't included, we can connect you with trusted engineers to provide these services.

  • Estimating & Budgeting
    Once the plans are reviewed and approved, we'll provide you with a detailed cost estimate for the construction. This estimate includes material costs, labor, and any additional features you wish to incorporate.

  • Construction & Quality Assurance
    After the budget is approved, we'll proceed with construction, ensuring that your design is brought to life with precision and attention to detail. Our quality assurance process includes regular inspections and updates to keep you informed throughout the build.

At Mountain View Builders, we're committed to building your dream home, whether it's from our plans or yours. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the final result reflects your vision and is built to the highest standards of quality.

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